The Bold Colorful Life Retreat Center at the Inn

Rest and Rejuvenate:

Treat yourself to a nourishing retreat. Renew and refresh for whatever is next in your life. When you make self-nurturance a priority, you actively counter the effects of stress, which can eventually lead to chronic imbalances, burnout, and illness.

Throughout this program, you’ll nourish your entire being and cultivate balance, fulfillment, and sacredness in your life.

In this program, you will

  • Experience healing yoga, deep relaxation, massage, meditation, and breathwork
  • Awaken your "inner peacemaker" using creative journaling, guided imagery, and joyful movement
  • Understand the physiology of stress and the effects it has on mind and body
  • Practice maitri, or loving-kindness, toward the self
  • Learn simple and highly effective take-home tools to enrich daily life and keep your well of energy filled.

Additional Massage and other Spa treatments will be available on an appointment basis, as well.

Nature based 'centering' events will be included in the area: walking, hiking, paddling kayak or canoe, painting 'plein air', exploring the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens

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