The Bold Colorful Life Retreat Center at the Inn

Life Purpose:

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A great way to kick off this year: the Best Year of Your Life. Create an intimate, transformational gathering and if you have the urge to come, I urge you to follow that urge!
Join us in magical Boothbay, Maine and jumpstart your best year yet!  Join an intimate and intentional group of passionate individuals who are committed to stepping into their magnificence this year--and won't let anything stop them.
At this special time of new beginnings, create the tone of your new year with abundance and grace, with inspirational energy and dynamic vision.
Through intention, passionate support, visioning, and breakthrough exercises, blast past limitation and remember your true strength and desires, how to live them, and just how good your life is meant to be. With love and honor, we will let go of events from last year and take the loving gifts, but not the patterns, forward. Let's set the stage for an outrageously great new year!

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