The Bold Colorful Life Retreat Center at the Inn

Artist's Retreats:

High on a ridge over the Back River, in Boothbay, Maine, you'll find a tranquil spot set apart to nurture and to provide sanctuary for those who create. Whether you come to work on a writing or artistic project of your own or as part of a workshop or special interest group, you will find support, creature comforts, and peace – all you need to produce your best work.

Finding the ArtWork that Fits

Growing One's Own Self-expression

Creating a Colorful Work

Nurturing the Talent Within

Balancing Life through Relationship to Creativity

Gathering Together with other Artists to journey through Life's Challenges

MANY ARTISTS WILL gather here to teach classes in DRAWING & PAINTING to all ages and levels of experience. The focus of these classes is to exercise the brain through the concentration of seeing, and translating that awareness to a two dimensional surface. Students will learn to activate that surface while using a variety of drawing and painting media.

It is not required to have previous experience or to have “artistic talent”, because everyone can learn about form, space, line, and mark-making by engaging in this activity. Classes are offered as private tutorials, or as a group, however, even in the group setting attention is focused on the needs of the individuals to facilitate their personal goals.

Examples of drawing and painting throughout the gamut of art history are sited during the class. There is no prejudice for any particular style of drawing or painting, only a requirement to fully commit to the exploration.

LENGTH OF STAY: How long you stay to attend your Artist's Retreat is up to you and to your instructor. To help fulfill the purpose of the Bold Colorful Life Retreat Center and to let the breezes off Back River clear your creative path, we recommend a stay of at least a week. Your hostess, Melissa Thornton, an experienced life coach, artist and Innkeeper, creates an ambience and a daily schedule that will help you concentrate your energies on your artistic endeavor.


  • Morning meals are taken with other participants

  • Quiet working hours are from 9:30 A.M. to 5:30 P.M. with mid-day meals shared with others or on your own

  • Evening meals are taken with other participants

  • The site is smoke-free, pet free and healthy foods are available at all times

In the evening, you may want to share your work in conversation with others in front of the Great Room fireplace or watch the sun set in the magical west-Boothbay sky.


FOCUS RETREATS are for artists, writers, musicians, photographers, philosophers, actors, scientists, and  environmentalists who would like to come and concentrate on their work in a quiet, inspiring setting. Price is specific to the requirements of the retreat. Call Melissa for more information (207) 633-6566


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